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What can I expect when filing a warranty claim?

Before you get started - If you purchased at a retail store location, please work with your retailer to file a warranty claim. If you purchased online at, by phone, or your retailer has closed, you can review the steps below.

How To File A Warranty Claim

1. Gather the following items prior to filing a claim

  • Purchase receipt or a bank statement showing the purchase
  • Product law tag
  • Photos of the product (see examples)
    • Product in full view without bedding
    • Close up view of the defective area
    • Purchase receipt
    • Law tag
    • Base/foundation if you are filing a mattress claim

Please note: If you are filing a claim for a sagging mattress, please measure the sag using a broomstick/yardstick and a quarter to measure depth.

2. Navigate to

3. Select "File a Warranty Claim"

4. Once prompted, select where you made your purchase and follow further instructions


What happens after my claim is filed?

Once we receive an online warranty claim, our warranty review team will review the claim according to our warranty terms and guidelines. Once the team has reviewed the claim thoroughly, you can expect to receive a decision via email with further details and instructions.

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