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How does my new Cocoon™ by Sealy mattress arrive?

When it arrives at your door, your mattress is compressed in a plastic sleeve and rolled into a box that is designed to be capable of handling by one person. We include unpacking instructions in the box (hint: they’re very simple).


Follow the steps below to see your Cocoon By Sealy mattress go from box to bed.



Once you carry your new Cocoon to your room of choice, slide the compressed mattress out of the box. It will be rolled in plastic wrapping, so it won't jump out at you (yet.)


After removing the mattress from the box, place the rolled mattress on a flat, sturdy foundation where you'd like the mattress to rest.


Remove the tape and pull the wrapper apart at the seam.


Your mattress will reach near-full shape after 1 minute. It can take up to 48 hours to fully expand, but you are welcome to sleep on your new Cocoon immediately!

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